National champions coming out of our ears....

 .....well not really but it feels like it!

I have just heard the Sam Barker has won the Contender National Championships in Plymouth. Well done Sam fantastic result.

 Another Castle Cove regular, Rob Smith, finished 5th.  

Great results you might think and you'd be right but there's more..

Simon Hawkes sailed to a decisive win and became the K1 National Champion in an event that finished on Sunday

while Rich LeMare took second place at the Hadron Nationals.

Meanwhile, up North ( a long way north) Adam Bowers became the first person to win the Dragon class prestigious Edingburgh Cup, three times.

All impressive stuff I am sure you will agree but they were all trumped by Benjamin Pascoe winning the much coveted Castle Cup...... with a bit of help from Dad and Nanny.

If this keeps up we will have a real dilema when it comes to awarding the Trailer boaerd trophy for best result outside of the club.

That's a nice problem to have though!!!

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