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Aim: the promotion of sailing for all ages

Membership Information
Castle Cove is a thriving, family club which sails in Portland Harbour in Weymouth. Established in 1923 in a cliff-top chalet overlooking Castle Cove it has grown steadily and in September 2002 we moved to our present clubhouse at the end of Old Castle Road.

We now have over 450 memberships with members of all ages who race and cruise in a variety of dinghies and keelboats. Members have worked hard to provide a wide range of excellent facilities: a large dinghy park, moorings for the keelboats and ashore, a comfortable, well-appointed clubhouse and bar.

During the lead up to the Olympics in 2012 we have welcomed sailors from over 20 countries to join us and train at the club. With a full social diary, in summer and in winter, we have a strong self-help ethos and take pride in being a very friendly club, run by members for members.


We run an extensive programme of racing for both dinghies and keelboats.

Racing is organised Monday and Wednesday evenings in the summer and at least one day at the weekend from Easter through till Boxing Day. The club provides safety cover when racing is in progress. There is a mixture of class racing and more general handicap racing. Our most enthusiastic dinghy classes being Scorpion, Contender, Laser 2000 and Laser 4000 with growing fleets of foiling Moths, Phantoms and Ospreys challenging the ever popular Lasers and Wayfarers.


There is a very lively Cadet Section to cater for 8 -18 yr. olds, who are either cadet members or part of a family membership . They meet on Friday evenings to provide training and sailing supervised by a dedicated band of parents and helpers. Pre-registration required at the start of the season. Youngsters are expected to be able to sail to the standard of RYA start sailing scheme level 2 before they can take the helm themselves and they are encouraged to do this with a training centre or by joining CCSC Optimist training. Parents must stay at the club and may be asked to help with the sessions or with light club maintenance.
Typically our cadets initially sail Toppers, Optimists, and Picos, and are encouraged to join in with sailing for all and club racing either crewing for an older sailor or competing in their own boat. They soon progress, some venturing onto the regional and national circuits bringing back trophies from far and wide

Club boats

The club has 3 Toppers, bought with Lottery funding, 2 Lasers and a 420 available for members to hire.


Our yachts range from 22 feet to 40 feet in length and race using the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme and IRC. Our cruising fleet organise weekend trips during the summer months, including trips abroad.

A ferry service runs from the club at weekends and on race nights (Monday and Wednesday evenings from April till September).


The club leases an area of seabed from the Crown Commissioners. The Mooring committee allocates spaces on which members may lay their own moorings. Members are responsible for the care and maintenance of their moorings although help and advice is available.


Some winter storage is available on site and a crane is arranged for lift out. Those wintering elsewhere often form groups to arrange their laying up and crane hire.

Friday morning ladies

There is a friendly group of (mainly) ladies that meets on Friday mornings. It is a good opportunity for adult learners to improve their sailing and have fun in an informal learning situation.


The hard-working social committee, with a band of volunteers, provide suppers after racing on Wednesday evening and a full programme of social gatherings in the winter. Sometimes a small group will get together to cook a club supper or a Sunday lunch, all prepared in our well-appointed, modern kitchen and very popular with members.
The sailing committee also runs a programme of talks and lectures in the winter.

The relaxed Friday evening ‘bring your own’ barbeque has become very popular. Cadets & families and keelboat crews returning from the YCW Friday racing, mixing with the Olympic teams in a great social atmosphere.


The philosophy of Castle Cove has always been that of mutual self-help. It is run and managed by its members through a committee headed by the Commodore.
The only employees are the rescue and ferry boat drivers. Everyone is expected to do their share of race duties – as Officer of the Day, Rescue Boat Crew or Refreshments.
During the winter there are weekly Work-parties to maintain and refurbish the premises and facilities.
You can learn all sorts of new skills on these occasions such as concrete mixing or anti-fouling rescue boats! And, of course, much coffee is drunk and friendships are forged.

Portland Port has taken over the running of the harbour, regulating activites on the water and all boats have to pay an annual fee and display a sticker. This is administered by the Club.

How to join: Come to the Club on one of its race nights or weekends and meet some of the members. In particular, try to meet the Class Captain for the boat you have an interest in. If you contact the New Members Secretary in advance, we can try to arrange for those to be there.

Then complete the application form, and send or email to .

You will be invited to a get-to-know-you meeting with committee members and we will advise you shortly after that.

Contact details are available on the contacts page

RS 700/800 Nationals

9th - 12th September
Castle Cove Sailing Club
Old Castle Road

Tel: +44 (1305) 783708

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